Our Services

Our long-standing credibility and commitment to our clients has always been founded upon our desire to produce innovative designs, provide only quality products, offer exacting expert installation, and maintain an unshakable commitment to customer service.

We work with our clients in two ways:

Full Service Approach

Our in-house designers have developed a tremendous amount of experience through the designing, pricing, supply of materials, and the close supervision of actual installations, from start to completion with carpenters, floor men, counter fabricators, plumbers, and electricians.

Our designers can “see” the end result in their minds as they take pen to paper and eventually the computer. Each has seen through hundreds of complicated projects for all manner of rooms and customers. TLC from start to finish and attention to detail is embedded in our philosophy, which has been evolving over the more than 60 years we have been serving the community.  We judge our success on each project by the delight of our customers and their families and by our own sense of accomplishment.

Design & Materials Only Approach

Should you require only design expertise and products because you have your own installer, builder, and tradespeople; we’re here for you too. For these situations, our designers are available to consult with your workers and tradespeople as needed to ensure the project is completed to the highest standard.

 Once your design is completed, our experts will coordinate the entire installation project and stand behind all the work and products we supply.

Our Process

The Showroom

Visit our exquisitely designed Showroom today and experience our decorating expertise and high quality products first-hand.


Contact us today to schedule your appointment to meet with one of our expert designers.

Field Measure

Once an appointment has been set, the process begins with a trip to your home or job site. We will:

  • Take accurate dimensions of the room and surrounding rooms, as needed, which will enable the designer to create properly scaled drawings.

  • Take pictures of the measured rooms and of the exterior of the house to give the designer the full range of visual references for light switches, heating vents, etc. during the design process.

  • Survey and discussion of items you may want to reuse or keep.

  • Survey and discussion of the likes and dislikes you have developed for the existing room.

  • Survey and discussion of your wishes for the new room. Questions from the designer may involve the way your family currently uses the room and include the volunteering of creative new ways for your family to enjoy the room. 

  • Set a timeline considering installation, decorating, plumbing, electrical, budget, and special circumstances. Our designers will need an understanding of your needs to ensure the most cost-effective decisions.

Design Presentation

View our designs, floor plans, perspective drawings and pricing.  At this point, additional meetings aimed at further refining the designs and prices will be set.

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